Laura Callahan

After a series of forgettable telefilms and a forgettable 19-day marriage to British-born LA bar owner Jeremy Thomas she landed parts in Batman Forever and Boys On The Side.
Eager to have more creative input she reportedly gave Spielberg cinematic suggestions on the set of ET Drew and business partner Nancy Juvonen founded a production company called Flower Films in 1994. Their Never Been Kissed did solid business and paved the way for 2000's box-office hit Charlie's Angels. It was on the set of Angels, an update of the camp Seventies TV classic, that she'd seemingly meet her match in every way. Enter gross-out comic Tom Green.
The two free spirits they once surprised each other by dressing up in drag for dinner out on the town appeared to be a perfect match. The pair started dating on the set, but were immediately challenged by the unthinkable: Tom was diagnosed with testicular cancer in early 2000.
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